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  • Luvata Special Products

    With 12 locations in 7 countries, Luvata Special Products serves many diverse industries.


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  • Copper alloy wire

    Luvata Special Products is a fully integrated producer of round, square, flat and rectangle wire in over 60 alloys.


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  • Our vision

    We will use our unique technology know-how to influence the development of a sustainable modern world.


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  • Predictable weld performance

    With numerous materials and an average of 4,000 spot welds per vehicle, not every weld is exactly the same. Contact us for the weld that is just right for you.


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  • Solar award for Sunwire Calculator

    Luvata Special Products was recognized in the category of 'Best Cost Management Tool' for its Sunwire Calculator.


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  • Image:  First toroidal field winding pack in Europe: Source ITER

    Superconducting wire

    US Department of Energy recognizes Luvata Special Products for contributions to ITER.

  • Luvata Special Products hollow conductor

    Hollow Conductors

    You have the opportunity to design your own hollow conductor using our online hollow conductor calculator.

  • Presenting Luvata Special Products

    Take a closer look at what makes Luvata Special Products so special.

  • tradefair

    IPAC 2018

    We hope to see you at the International Particle Accelerator Conference April 29-May 4 in Vancouver. 

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