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Luvata Special Products

Luvata Special Products is a group company of Mitsubushi Materials Corporation.

Luvata Special Products is run by the President & CEO and a team of functional and business unit leaders.

The five business units include: Superconductors, Formed Products, Electrical Power Asia, Electrical Power Americas and Pori Special Products.



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Jussi Helavirta
President & CEO

Jussi Helavirta joined Luvata in 2000 and was President of the Special Products division when it was acquired by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation. Prior to Luvata, he worked 12 years as Vice President of operations for Metso in the US and Canada; he worked as sales director for Machinery Oy; at Fiskars as production manager; and at Tamrock as project manager of state-of-the-art Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS). 

Jussi has an MSc in Workshop Technology and Industrial Economics from the University of Tampere and has completed several team building and leadership courses, including Yale University.

Jussi lives in Finland with his wife. He has 2 sons living in Finland and USA.  He is a fan of ice hockey and likes cooking and walking with his Labrador, Charley.


Pekka Kleemola

Pekka Kleemola
Senior Vice President &
Chief Financial Officer 

Pekka Kleemola joined the company in 2004 and he has spent his entire professional career working for Luvata (Outokumpu).

Pekka has held a wide range of controller positions starting from manufacturing unit level to group wide assignments. Prior to becoming Head of Finance Pekka worked as Division Controller for the Luvata Special Products Division.

Pekka has an MSc in Economics from the University of Tampere. Throughout his career he has also participated in multiple leadership programs.

Pekka lives in Finland and in his spare time he enjoys cycling, jogging and skiing.



Jyrki RantenanJyrki Rantanen
Senior Vice President &
Chief Strategy Officer

Jyrki Rantanen has some 20 years of experience with Luvata, previously Outokumpu. Prior to his current position, Jyrki has held several finance positions in different business areas including two years working in the USA at the company’s superconductors facility in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Jyrki has an M.Sc in Economics, specializing in Quantitative Business Analysis from the University of Vaasa and he has completed several supplementary management and leadership courses, including the Luvata Leadership Program.

Outside of work Jyrki spends time with his two daughters and is an enthusiastic karate practitioner. Jyrki currently lives in Pori, Finland.



Hideki HayashiHideki Hayashi
Senior Vice President
Business Development

Hideki Hayashi joined Mitsubishi Materials Corporation in 1992, and he has more than 24 years' experience in copper, precious metals and the copper alloy business. He started his business career as a copper ore procurement representative at the Naoshima smelting and refinery in Japan. Since then he has been developing his business skills focusing on sales & marketing, business strategy and project management. For the past 10 years, he has mainly been involved in merger and acquisitions in the copper fabrication industry.

Hayashi has a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Michigan in the USA. He is married and has two sons. Having recently moved to Pori, Finland, he is looking forward to enjoying the experiences Finland has to offer.


Mikko JuuselaMikko Juusela
Senior Vice President
People & Leadership

Mikko Juusela joined Luvata in 2005. In addition to his current role, Mikko has also been responsible for Luvata Pori operations since 2011. Prior to Luvata, Mikko worked for ten years at Outokumpu Research, known today as Outotec.

Mikko has degrees including a M.Sc. (physical Chemistry) from the University of Turku and a Lic. Tech. in Material Processing and Management Training from the Helsinki University of Technology. Mikko continues to participate in various leadership courses and conducts similar leadership and coaching sessions for employees.

Mikko lives in Pori, Finland with his wife and two children.  He is a youth ice-hockey coach and also the chairman of the local hockey team.   


Jyrki SiltalaJyrki Siltala
Senior Vice President
General Counsel &
Chief Compliance Officer

Jyrki Siltala joined Luvata in 2005 as Chief of Compliance and General Counsel.  Prior to Luvata he worked as in-house counsel at Outokumpu and Wärtsilä after holding various other positions in the paper industry in Finland and the USA. 

Jyrki received his law degree from Turku University and has participated in several leadership, finance and commercial law courses in Finland and abroad.

Jyrki lives in Helsinki with his wife, and his two adult children also reside in Helsinki.  He enjoys boating and reading about political history. 



Olli NaukkarinenOlli Naukkarinen
Senior Vice President &
Chief Technology Officer

Olli Naukkarinen joined Outokumpu in 1991 and has since held various managerial and leadership positions at Outokumpu and Luvata in Finland, the USA and Austria. 

For the first five years following graduation he was with the automation company Cimcorp in Finland and the USA. In the copper industry he has worked in manufacturing, technology management and R&D, as well as various business and managing director positions. Most recently at an Outokumpu spin off company Neorem Magnets as vice president.

Olli graduated with a MSc in Technical Physics from the Helsinki University of Technology. On the graduate level he has continued to further his technology management studies and through eMBA education courses he has deepened his business and leadership skills.

Olli lives in Finland with his family and he can be found sailing in summer and hunting in winter.




Takeshi SakuraiTakeshi Sakurai
Senior Vice President
Technology Development

Takeshi Sakurai joined Mitsubishi Metals Corp., the predecessor of Mitsubishi Materials Corp, in 1987. He worked at the corporate research laboratory and in R&D management for 20 years in Omiya, Japan, expanding his experience not only in metal materials but also in a wide range of other technical fields possessed by Mitsubishi Materials.

Over the past seven years he has worked at the Wakamatsu and Sakai copper plants, in Fukushima and Osaka respectively, and was responsible for development and manufacturing. More recently he has served in the corporate strategy planning and corporate R&D strategy departments at MMC's head office.

Sakurai graduated with a Master of Engineering degree from Waseda University in Tokyo, and holds a Ph.D. (Engineering) from Tohoku University located in Sendai. Recently he has acquired his Professional Engineer Japan (P.E.jp) certification in metals. Sakurai relocated to Pori, Finland in April 2017 and enjoys swimming and travel outside of work. He is married and has three children studying at various universities.


Antti KilpinenAntti Kilpinen
Executive Vice President

Antti Kilpinen joined Luvata in 1996. He has worked in technology and business management for 20 years. His experience in managing the plating anode business and telecommunications segment in multi-cultural environments has served him well in the strategic expansion of Luvata's worldwide superconductor business.

For nine years prior to joining Luvata, Antti was involved with academic research and R&D in the metals and construction industries.

Antti holds a D.Tech degree in Chemical Engineering, as well as a post graduate degree, Lic.Econ in Business Administration, from Åbo Akademi University.

Outside of work, Antti can be found sailing with his family, in-line skating or cross country skiing.


Dirk GreywittDirk Greywitt
Executive Vice President
Formed Products

Dirk  Greywitt has nearly 30 years of experience at various Luvata manufacturing companies.  Previous positions include Process Engineer, Quality Manager, Information Technology Manager and Operations Manager.  Since 2003, Dirk has been responsible for the global Formed Products Business Unit.

Dirk has extensive experience and knowledge in international business practice and culture after leading successful business startups in China and Brazil.  His international experience is further enhanced by many years of developing customer and business relationships around the world.

Dirk received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering in 1987 from The Ohio State University. In 2002, he received a Master Degree in Business Administration from Franklin University.

Dirk is married and lives in Ohio and has four grown children. He enjoys the frustrations of golfing and has a cat.


Michael Nordgren

Michael Nordgren
Executive Vice President
Electrical Power Asia 

Michael Nordgren has roughly 35 years' experience in the metals industry. He has worked in Finland, USA, Singapore and Malaysia in various sales and general management positions, with over half of his career living outside of his home country of Finland.

While Managing Director for Outokumpu SEA in Singapore, Michael helped in preparing the feasibility study for the plant in Malaysia, Outokumpu's then first green field in many years. He was subsequently charged with starting the commercial operation in Malaysia. Michael has been MD of Luvata Malaysia Sdn Bhd since 2010.

Michael has a master's degree from the Swedish School of Business Administration in Helsinki. He is married with two adult children and enjoys motorcycle touring and golf.



John StevensJohn Stevens
Executive Vice President
Electrical Power Americas

John has almost 30 years’ experience in the copper and copper alloy industry, including over 25 years with Luvata. John started his career in sales with Outokumpu Copper Buffalo eventually becoming Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Buffalo rolling mill.

John and his family moved to Appleton, Wisconsin in the summer of 2001 where he became President of Luvata Appleton. John holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Hartford. He enjoys all sports and fitness.



Heikki VentoHeikki Vento
Executive Vice President
Sales & Marketing
Pori Special Products

Heikki has over 30 years of experience with Luvata, previously Outokumpu. He has gained a lot of practical experience in different roles in sales, marketing, manufacture and engineering during his career.

Prior to his current position Heikki was VP & GM of Electrical Power & Components for Europe.

Heikki holds a MSc in Industrial Economics and Manufacturing Engineering from the Tampere University of Technology. He lives in Finland with his wife and has two children and two grandchildren. He likes to exercise in his free time, his favorites being ice-hockey and tennis.



Pasi Ranne

Pasi Ranne
Executive Vice President
Sales & Marketing
Pori Special Products

Pasi joined Luvata (Outokumpu) in 1997 and has held various roles including Project Manager and Production Manager before becoming Head of Pori Special Products Sales and Marketing. 

Prior to Luvata, Pasi worked for ten years as Project Engineer and Production Manager for Nakkila Group Oy. He has many years of hands-on experience in various areas including project management, manufacturing, subcontracting and marketing. Pasi has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering.

Pasi lives in Finland with his wife and has two grown children. Outside of work he enjoys golf, tennis and machinery repair and maintenance.

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